Oishii Translations is:

shiroi – Translator, Editor, Webmaster, everything else

About shiroi:

shiroi is a mysterious entity who translates light novels into English from their original Japanese language. 

Hi! I’m a light novel enthusiast who (to an annoying degree) is obsessed with tracking down and reading the original work of any media I consume. Given where my interests lie, this naturally led me to learning the Japanese language. In the process, I became fascinated with the act of translation. Under the wing of the benevolent NanoDesu of NanoDesu Translations, I started my first translation project knowing virtually nothing about Japanese. Unless you consider yourself an extreme masochist, DON’T DO THIS GUYS.

My Japanese ability is all self-taught, and at the time of writing this blurb I’ve studied it for three years. My translations are natural, by which I mean “not put through any machine.” I strive to make my translations read as close to an actual novel you’d pick up at the local bookstore (to the degree my skill will allow, at least.)

I’m the same shiroi from Nanodesu Translations that does Chaika, and as ramenpoodle I worked as an editor there on the Amagi Brilliant Park project. In my spare time, I’m almost always reading or playing video games. NISIOISIN is my favorite light novel author, and I expect many of the works posted here in the future will be his. I know, good luck, right? I’ll try my best.

I translate for fun now, but strive to be an official translator one day. I’m currently working toward passing the JLPT N1, and eventually want to try my hand at the Kanken too, just for the hell of it. Translating these novels so that the world can enjoy them is not only great fun, it’s also fantastic practice towards both these goals.

With that, it’s nice to meet you all, yoroshiku and all that! I’ll go ahead and say sorry in advance to not meeting up to your standards. 😛